First Quality Peanuts. Inshell, shelled and blanched peanuts

One of the most important products in the company. It was the main activity in the begining, when Levantex produced the Valencia type Peanuts, which one, unfortunately it is not produced in the area any more because it is not a profitable for the farmers..

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Big products with the Quality of a Leader.

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Levantex | Import and Export | Trading dried fruits, dehydrated fruits and tigernuts.

Since 1944, Levantex has been consolidated as an eminent enterprise specialized in the marketing of dried fruits, tiger nuts and pets’ food.

The location of its more than 7.500 square meters’ installations, near from Valencia port - one of the most important Mediterranean ports-, has been determinant in the fact that nowadays the enterprise is deeply immersed in an internationalisation process. In fact, after having been – few years ago- an eminent import enterprise, today it has a specific important weight as far as export activities are concerned.

LEVANTEX for dried fruits and tiger nuts, and VINCI for pets’ food are the most relevant trade marks registered both at the national and the international level.

Right from the beginning, the quality -in the strict sense of the word- has been closely related to the progressing and the growing of the enterprise. As a matter of fact, this one has succeeded in maintaining itself thanks to the qualitative differentiation from its principal competitors in all and each one of its products.

It is worth mentioning that since a few years ago, Levantex owns the ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas certificate and the APPCC certificate.

Our history.

Past, present and futur of a example in the sector. Know us better through our Images and videos

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Find us. We remain at same place for more than 60 years.

We are well located, close to mediterranian corridor and five minutes from Valencia and the Port.


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