Dried ecological fruits

Organic Dried fruits

Frutos secos ecológicos

Organic dried fruits and dehydrated fruits.

Description Packaging Weight
Kernels Sunflowerseeds Sac 25 Kg.
Shelled Pumpkinseeds Sac 25 Kg
Cashewnuts Carton Box 22,68 Kg
Dried Apricots Carton Box 12,50 Kg
Dried Figs Carton Box 10 Kg
Turkish Sultana Raisins Carton Box 12,50 Kg
Pitted Prunes Carton Box 5 Kg
Red Cranberries Carton Box 11,34 Kg
Shelled Walnuts Carton Box 10 Kg
Macadamia Carton Box 11.34 Kg
Shelled Brazilnuts Carton Box 20 Kg
Shelled Hazelnuts Sac 25 Kg
Pitted Dates Carton Box 5 Kg
Mulberries Carton Box 5 Kg
Mango Carton Box 20 Kg
White Quinoa Sac 25 Kg
Chia Sac 20Kg
Lineseed Sac 25 Kg
Hulled Hempseed Sac 20 Kg
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