Tigernuts. Levantex | Import and Export | Trading dried fruits, dehydrated fruits and tigernuts.

Levantex is one of the leading companies as far as Tigernut production is concerned. Its installations are located in Almassera considered the centre of the main production area.

The tigernut is harvested and processed specially for the elaboration of the “Horchata”, a popular and very traditional as well as a nutritious drink, well-known in Spain.

The production process is such a laborious one, and above all a handmade one. In fact, as underground-cultivated tubers, the tigernuts need  to be carefully washed. The posterior drying process should be carried out according to exclusively natural methodsso that to preserve the richness of  their properties.

The selection process is made of three phases: a selection per color,  a selection per sieving, and a manual selection. Actually, such is the only one way to achieve the required excellent quality.

The final product is used both for the elaboration of the “Horchata” or for other purposes such as the river’s fishing, a popular sport widely known and practised in Europe and other countries such as the Republic of South Africa.

Description Packaging Weight
Tigernut Oil 250ml Bag 0,00 Kg
Tigernut Bottled 800gr Bag 0,00 Kg
Harvester Tigernut Sack 25,00 Kg
Mini Tigernuts Sack 25,00 Kg
Black Label Tigernut Sack 25,00 Kg
Premium Tigernut Sack 25,00 Kg
Spanish Cosechero Sack 25,00 Kg
Spanish Flor Sack 25,00 Kg
Spanish Granza Sack 25.00 Kg
Tigernut Flour Sack 25,00 Kg
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