Maybe the most popular dry nut, more and more appreciated and usual in the traditional diets due to its healthy values.

Inshell wallnuts

Description Packaging Weight
2/34 Natural France Sack 10,00 kg
Natural Chile Sack 10,00 kg
US Howard 34 Sack 20,00 kg
Jumbo Hartley USA Sack 20,00 kg

Shelled walnuts

Description Packaging Weight
32/34 Natural France Sack 10,00 Kg
Chile Natural Sack 10,00 Kg
US Howard +34 Sack 25,00 Kg
US Jumbo Hartley Sack 25,00 Kg
Quarters China Carton box 10,00 Kg
Halves Hungary Carton box 10,00 Kg
Indian Shelled Light Halves Carton box 10,00 Kg
Indian Shelled Light Brokens Carton box 10,00 Kg
Shelled Halves USA Carton box 10,00 Kg
USA Shelled Tin 8,16 Kg
USA Shelled LHP 20 Carton box 11,34 Kg
USA Shelled LHP 85 Carton box 11,34 Kg
Shelled Halves Extra Chile Carton box 10,00 Kg
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