Sunflowerseeds inshell and kernels for parrots.

Pipas girasol crudas

Description Packaging Weight
Argentina Larga 22/64 Sack 22,68 Kg
Chinese long type Sack 25.00 Kg
Israel Lirón type Sack 40,00 Kg
USA L.T Extra Sack 22,68 Kg
US Long type 22/64 Sack 22,68 Kg
US kernels Sack 22,68 Kg
US kernels Premium Sack 22,68 Kg
US XL type Sack 22,68 Kg


Descripción Envase Peso
China Snow Seeds Sack 25,00 Kg
Shelled Seeds Carton box 25,00 Kg
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